Belsac x Kopenhagen Fur is coming to Australia

A bold move.

With Winter just around the corner, designer Camilla Dalager of Danish label Belsac has teamed up with Kopenhagen Fur to bring their collaborative line of luxury handbags to Australia for the first time.

The collection utilises two fashion staples, leather and fur, in a bold combination of soft meets raw. 

Made with both mink and sustainable Greenlandic seal fur, as well as Italian calf leather, the products are likely to cause a stir in the Australian market. Yes, we know what you’re thinking. But all processes adhere to strict animal welfare standards and are subject to regular and routine inspections throughout the year. The seal fur is itself a by-product of the traditional hunting methods of the Inuit of Greenland and Kopenhagen Fur supports the CITES convention, which protects threatened animal species.

Those interested in learning more about the production should head to Kopenhagen Fur’s website.

Everyone else? uk.belsac.dk


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