Bosco for BNKR

One minute just isn’t enough.

BNKR has just released a cool little video collaboration with Atlanta-born musician, Bosco.

The new collection video features a whole lot of Bosco and a whole lot of BNKR, acrostic poem style.

Bosco, Boss, Beautiful, Bold

Neat, Naked, Noir

Kiss, Kicks, Knock out

Revive, Red, Real

Bosco is an all round style queen, bringing new life to the BNKR labels. But with influences like Michael and Janet Jackson, it’s no wonder.

She lives life simply and creatively, saying “I try not to commit to one way of thinking or one way of doing things. It’s important to stay open and receptive to change. I found, in doing that, you discover new things about yourself and how you process information.”

She’d love to skydive, but keeps getting scared somehow, wants to work with Tim Winton, own her own business and loves listening to music in the car.

And what would you find on Bosco’s car playlist? Well it’s a mix of Michael Jackson, N.E.R.D, Brandy, Coldplay and Radiohead which sounds like a car trip we’d like to be in on.

In 20 years she wants to be a fully evolved mermaid with a family, writing, touring and creating music. It’s all about being creative.

But if you can’t wait 20 years for mermaid Bosco, then maybe just check her Bosco x BNKR video collab.

One minute just isn’t long enough.


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