Chanel to finally make e-commerce debut

Net-A-Porter is definitely going over and above on this one. After all, it’s Chanel.

Net-A-Porter is pulling out all the stops as Chanel makes its long awaited debut online.

While Chanel’s president of Fashion, Bruno Pavlovsky, says we can expect the official e-commerce launch sometime before the end of 2016, we are excited to announce that Chanel will give us a little sneak peek. The label has teamed up with high-end online shopping destination Net-A-Porter to showcase a small limited edition capsule collection of Jewellery, Coco Crush. We can expect five different ring designs and a cuff in crisp 18-karat white and yellow gold.

Along with the first of its kind ‘digital pop up’ store, Net-A-Porter will also introduce 360-degree photography so that shoppers can zoom in, expand and essentially, get real up close and personal with the ultra-luxurious pieces. The entirely new application will adapt to any desktop, tablet or mobile device.

This will be the first time EVER that Chanel sells anything other than beauty products online, so it’s no surprise the fashion empire is proving a touch specific in regards to presentation. Net-A-Porter is definitely going over and above on this one, but after all, it’s Chanel.

To make the wait a little easier check out the Coco Crush collection available to shop from Wednesday, April 15 to May 6 at Net-a-porter.com

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