American Apparel “Hello Ladies” Campaign

American Apparel is PRO-WOMEN.

Since firing its controversy-magnet founder and CEO Dov Charney, American Apparel and new top dog Paula Schneider have made no bones about de-sleazing its usurped image and moving far, far away from its provocative roots.

The ‘Hello Ladies’ ad above pictures female employees of the LA-based brand, talking on the phone, working on a laptop and making clothes in a factory, identifying each by job title and first name. The text at the bottom celebrates the 55% of women making up American Apparel’s global workforce.

The campaign appears to have been shot before many of the retailer’s changes were put into practice, with several of the women featured in the ad reportedly having left or been let go from the company since. 

The brand has come a long way in dressing down its sexist ways that have historically been dressed up in flashy (literally) mini skirts and see-through tops, turning against the ‘sleaze sells” ethos that has dominated American Apparel’s campaigns for too long. 

Schneider likens the road ahead to “drinking from a fire hose”, because there is just so much work involved in the total brand overhaul she envisions. Having seen her work thus far, we have faith in American Apparel’s climb back up to the top of our shopping lists. 

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