Eckhaus Latta’s new campaign features actual couples having actual sex


These days, it’s pretty hard to release a campaign worthy of headlines. Yet here we are.

Eckhaus Latta has stolen titles this time, releasing a campaign that features real couples having sex.

Shot by Korean photographer, Heji Shi, it depicts eight different couples having a session, each barely strewn in Eckhaus Latta clothing. 

While the images have been pixellated, it’s still pretty confronting for a fashion campaign. Even calling it a fashion campaign seems to be a bit of a stretch. While the brand’s clothing does feature, it’s largely splayed across beds or rolled at the ankles.

Some commentators have noted the images appear to be less pornographic and more intimate, and we have to say we’re inclined to agree.

But still. 

Notably, the images haven’t been removed from the brand’s Instagram, despite undoubtedly receiving ‘reports’ from concerned parents are pearl-clutchers.  

The full campaign can be viewed at the Eckhaus Latta website. No doubt it’s having lots of traffic today. 


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