Elyse Knowles launches Evrryday

The ultimate addition to your wardrobe staples…in more ways than one.

Most commonly known for her classic Australian beauty and insta-ab presence, Chadwick model Elyse Knowles has proved her talents beyond the camera as designer of new denim brand, Evrryday.

Providing a new edge to the lazy Sunday style we all love to love, Knowles and her team have designed a one-stop pair of denim shorts equipped to be styled to your every beck and call…hence the label ‘Evrryday’. With an aim to provide the Sunday casual, the Friday Cheeky, and the everyday ripped, ruined, tight, or baggy, the Evrryday short is to be purchased to the style of your liking- and only get better with age.

Just when you thought the whole philosophy of the brand couldn’t get any better, Knowles adds that each pair of shorts ‘must look good from the inside out’, and has chosen Water Aid to receive 5% of every purchase made. Living in Australia and being blessed with fresh water and a clean environment, the Water Aid charity aims to transform lives through safe water and improved hygiene in the world’s poorest countries.

If purchasing a pair of Evrryday shorts can change our wardrobes and help world poverty…maybe they will also make us look like Elyse Knowles. Stay tuned. 


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