Festival wear doesn’t always mean crochet and this shoot proves it

Rock on.

You may already be familiar with accessories label, Colette. But we promise you haven’t yet seen the brand like this.

Colette knows what’s good when it comes to festival wear. They, like us, are totally over culturally inappropriate headresses and entirely impractical denim shorts. Instead, they’re proving just how much better festival wear can be.

The brand has teamed up with stylist, Jana Bartolo, and photographer, Felipe Hernandez, for a shoot that shows you don’t actually ~need~ crochet for a festival.

Instead, the brand cites Kate Moss, Chloë Sevigny and Kendall Jenner at her baddest as its inspiration.

We took five with Jana Bartolo to pick her brain on dressing for Splendour, wet weather and all.

What trends can we expect to see at Splendour this year?

Fringing, western influence, crochet, ’90s grunge and sportswear.

What are the most important things to keep in mind when packing your festival suitcase?           

Gumboots! Don’t forget your Hunters!

Is there a trick to nailing your accessories at a festival, so as not to over do it?

I love it when festival girls appear to effortlessly throw on a bit of this and a bit of that – but don’t look too ‘put together.’  

What accessories are ideal for a camping environment?

An ornate metal statement necklace or wrap-around choker; loads of fine metal and fabric friendship bracelets; and a few rings in semi-precious stone and ornate metal shapes. 

Why should you differentiate your festival get-up from your day-to-day wear?

A) Because cowboy boots and feather headwear might get you fired if you work as a bank teller.

B) Because a festival is your chance to be wild and free, experiment with fashion and express yourself!

Are there any celebs who consistently nail their festival looks?

The Kates! Kate Moss and Kate Bosworth. They always nail it in a unique and authentic way. Kate Moss in the gold lamé hotpants and gumboots at Glastonbury – an unforgettable festival moment!

As a stylist, what festival trends do you hope we’ll see less of? And more of?

I know they’re practical but I think the denim short is a bit overdone!

I love a feminine silk dress, shoestring straps, a fine choker necklace, with gumboots or Dr. Martens – it’s a pretty contrast and so ’90s Courtney Love!  

Splendour is known for being wet and rainy. Any tips on dressing for wet weather?

A good raincoat and gumboots are a must, then bring an extra layer that you can stuff in your Colette cross body bag. The sun shines during the day, so a fun pair of sunglasses for the day, and a thin knit later on, will be your saviours when the cold sets in and you’re on your way home!


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