Forbes releases its 100 Most Valuable Brands

New career goals?

Hold your horses, fashion-lovers.

It’s time to take a look at Forbes’ annual line-up of “World’s Most Valuable Brands”, featuring 100 companies across various industries including retail, automotive, media and of course, luxury.

Let’s take a moment to remember that luxury is a multi-billion dollar industry, and the CEO of LVMH (the world’s biggest luxury conglomerate) is like, the 13th richest person in the universe. Damn.

Louis Vuitton takes first place on Forbes’ list in the luxury industry and 14th overall, with an estimated brand value of $28.1 billion. H&M steals 33rd place, Gucci 42nd, Cartier 55th and Coach 63rd.

Apple comes out on the very top, to no one’s surprise, followed by massive technology companies like Microsoft and Google. Really puts into perspective how powerful luxury brands are.

And if you really need to know how the list is put together, we’ll say (without going too deep into the complicated mathematical hokey-pokey Forbes uses) that it’s determined as a function of financial strength and consumer perceptions- whatever that means…

See the full list on Forbes here.


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