Google x Levi’s are making touch screen jeans

This is blowing our minds.

Fun fact to start your day: Touch screens share the same structure as textiles.

This means that your iPhone and jeans are made in the same way, which means yep, you guessed it, smart denim. 

The clever cookies at Google have teamed with Levi’s to tap into this structure, creating conductive yarn that registers touch. It’s called Project Jacquard, and is Google’s newest spin on wearable tech.

The Google Advanced Technology and Projects group has linked arms with Levi’s in the initiative that aims to make your jeans, jackets, shirts and even underwear into wearable technology input devices. The input is gesture, and crossing your legs, swiping, waving or lifting your arms can enable you to connect to and control a mobile or tablet.

Levi’s expects to have Jacquard products in the market as early as next year.

Mind blown.


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