Gucci accused of stealing Australian and NZ-based artists’ designs

The designs in question are *very* similar.

Another fashion house is today having its originality called into question.

Gucci is facing backlash over its Cruise 18 collection, for three separate designs.

A few weeks ago, the brand faced huge criticism for allegedly copying an iconic jacket design by Daniel Day, or Dapper Dan as he’s professionally known. The piece in question seems to be an almost exact replica of Day’s original design, created for Olympic medalist Diane Dixon.

In response to the claims, Gucci issued a statement saying their design way paying homage to Day’s design and they had, in fact, tried to organise a collaboration with the tailor.

Now, two separate designers have claimed the Cruise collection appears to have used their logo designs without consent.

New Zealand-based artist Stuart Smyth is arguing Gucci copied a logo he designed back in 2014, for a clothing brand that’s yet to launch.

In an Instagram post, Smyth wrote that Gucci has copied the combination of elements together. “When I overlay my snake illustration on top of the copy, the scales even line up perfectly,” he said.

Australian designer, Milan Chagoury, who works for Stay Bold, believes Gucci has also stolen a logo he created for a QLD tattoo parlour. The design in question was seen across Cruise collection tote bags.

When placed side by side, the designs are very similar.

According to WWD, both Smythe and Chagoury have been contacted by Gucci since, to offer the possibility of a future collaboration. According to Chagoury however, the partnership would be conditional after signing a non-disclosure agreement.

“I’m not interested after what’s happened. They didn’t respond to me for weeks,” he told WWD. “This is them covering [up] a massive wrongdoing in the art and design community and in the fashion industry full stop.”

Take a look at the comparisons for yourself.

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