How one Melbourne label is fighting the fast fashion cycle

Pretty clever.

Chorus has an announcement to make, and you’re going to love it. 

The Melbourne-based label has announced its departure from the traditional fashion cycle. Instead, Chorus will be refocusing its energies into monthly, made-to-order outfits. 

In a bid to offer customisation and allow for a more sustainable approach to production, designers Cassandra Whet and Louise Pannell developed the concept. Called Chorus Monthly Editions, it’s more personal, with each outfit made-to-order. Aside from being totally luxurious, it also means  there’s no wastedstock. 

So how is it going to work? Each month Chorus will drop the lookbook for a new collection. There will be a two-week ordering window where you can decide on your fave pieces. Once you’ve ordered, your garment will be made from scratch in Melbourne from high-quality materials like Italian wool. You can then expect the delivery within five weeks of ordering. Easy as pie. 

April 20 will see the first drop from the Chorus Monthly Edition. For he launch, Chorus has teamed up with artist, Maria Montes, who created an artwork inspired by today’s ‘selfie’ culture and bombardment of interactions. Montes’ work has been printed on a bamboo base, which then makes its way onto Chorus’ “Hashtag” coat, pant, shirt and scarf – the heroes of the collection. 

Like all Chorus’ offering, the collection is extremely flexible – smart enough to wear to work and easy to transition into wherever your happy feet will take you. 

When fashion, art and ethics collide like this, it’s a truly wonderful chorus. 


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