If you’re in the market for a slip dress, this is where you should be looking


Saying that finding a slip dress is hard could be the greatest understatement of our time.

It needs to sit juuust so, not too tight and not too loose, with the right amount of chest and leg showing. It can’t look dowdy or pull across your boobs, and must have the appropriate amount of breathing space to ensure regular layering.

Not to mention the extra criteria that you apply to every purchase decision. Is it organic? Am I supporting local industry? Etc. Etc. 

It’s a tricky game, we get it. So allow us to direct you to My Chameleon. The online retailer, who is very well curated, is currently hosting an excellent range of slip dresses in just the right cut, colour and shape. 

We’ve popped a preview in the gallery above, or you can browse the rest here.


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