Kanye x adidas is going to cost more than you thought

Because “fashion shouldn’t be exclusive”…

Apparently Kayne’s idea of affordable is not really that affordable at all. The much hyped collaboration with adidas is still awaiting a release date, however that may no longer be a concern of fans, with the pricing being a little more than the promised H&M and Zara comparative costs.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news Kayne lovers, but the man who hates “the concept of separatism. Elitism. Classism,” and believes that “we’re all equal,” also seems to have a very skewed idea of what makes clothing available to everyone. Namely the cost.

Unfortunately Yeezy Season 1 comes with a price tag that begins at $880 for knitwear, $430 for hoodies and sweatshirts, and a huge charge of between $1,760 and $3,850 for outerwear.

According to Yeezy himself the reasoning for this jump in costs is because adidas “couldn’t get the price points that he wanted due to material costs and other things that are out of control.” Sounds like a legit reason.


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