Karen Walker has fronted her latest campaign to make a point about women

Amen sister.

Karen Walker’s not one to shy away from a stirring campaign, particularly when it celebrates women.

Her latest Transformers campaign continues in this vein, celebrating the multitasking women who step into multiple roles on a daily basis. So pretty much all of us.

Fronted by Walker herself, the campaign sees her transformed into a series of exaggerated personas. Reflecting on the images, Walker said:

“In an average day I need to take on so many different personas. That’s modern life for all women. The images for this campaign sprang out of wanting to reflect that multiplicity.”

Amen sister.

It references the work of art photographer Cindy Sherman (who uses fictitious versions of herself as her subject), as well as the hyper-real self-portraiture of Robert Mapplethorpe and Andy Warhol.


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