Karl Lagerfeld refused to cameo in Zoolander 2

“I guess I have a lot of things to ponder”

It’s not surprising to hear reports that Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld is as serious and stern as he looks.

While the majority of the fashion industry reveled at Derek Zoolander and Hansel closing the Valentino runway at Paris fashion week (with an infamous ‘walk-off’), the stunt was much to Lagerfeld’s disgust.

In regards to the stunt, Lagerfeld stated that he “didn’t like it,” and most certainly turned down an offer to star in the highly anticipated sequel because he doesn’t “want to be in the movie!”

Even ol’ Kayne isn’t that uptight, agreeing to cameo alongside Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson in the comedy. Lagerfeld or no Lagerfeld, nothing can hamper our anticipation for the film’s release.

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