Meet Buttercup, the newest American Apparel model

The newest model hanging around.

After much scrutiny over their raunchy ad campaigns and allegations of sexual misconduct by former founder and CEO Dov Charney, American Apparel has been trying very hard to re-brand itself. The label’s first female CEO Paula Schneider is out to prove the brand can be “edgy” without being “overtly sexual.”

Insert the latest American Apparel model. She is scantily clad that’s for sure, but we are certain she will be forgiven for that.

Meet buttercup, a 23-year-old Bradypus sloth from Costa Rica. Yep that’s right folks, that cute, furry, three fingered animal you see on your screen is here to remind you why you loved AA; for ethical clothing production.

Although not the first to use a sloth in a campaign (see here), we are totally backing American Apparel for this move. 

Buttercup is also an advocate for the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica after she was found as an orphaned infant. We could go on about this all day. Can’t wait for Buttercup’s next announcement.


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