Kitten Heels to make a comeback and we’re not ready

Go big or go flat.

History tends to repeat itself and the saying definitely holds true in the fashion world.

While we’ve embraced the return of some of the best ’90s trends, fashion from the past in today’s day and age is a fine line between retro-chic and simply-disastrous.

For guys, fedoras have always been that disaster, but ladies, looks like the ’50s Kitten Heel is your latest threat. If you haven’t noticed, the kitten heel continues to pop on runways at an alarmingly increasing rate.

Just so we’re clear, a kitten heel is a low, slender heel, usually 1 or 2 inch high with a slight curve setting the heel in from the edge of the shoe.

Unless you’re Audrey Hepburn, Taylor Swift, Michelle Obama or little Suri Cruise, kitten heels are your fashion nightmare.

They are disguised as the comfortable, functional alternative to stilettos, and are usually associated with bad prom dresses, suit sets with shoulder pads, stubby legs and cankles.

Please, don’t fall for it.  

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