We wish BONDS a Happy 100th Birthday

With Ruby Rose.


Happy 100th Birthday! Sure you’re old but 100 years young is a milestone. You ain’t weak and crippled. You’re strong and colourful.

You’ve managed to transform a small hosiery business into a beloved Aussie megabrand with heaps of babin’ ambassadors and functional basics.

You’ve also delved into the English language and reappropriated the adjective chesty into a noun for an iconic men’s athletic singlet.

We’re also a big fan of all the groovy promotional work you do. You haven’t sexualised dancing around in your underwear. You just make it look like a fun disco party filled with pop music and all your happy besties.

Here’s to many more successful years. The launch of THE CLASSICS campaign showcasing all your classic styles and former ambassadors looks pretty cool. Oh and thanks for the chats with Ruby Rose. Apparently she’d rather taste pineapple forever than have one hand turn into a pineapple. Crazy right?

Anyway, happy 100th.

Lots of love,

Fashion Journal

Interview: Ruby Rose

Tell us about working with so many former BONDS models for the brand’s 100th birthday.

It’s awesome. I’ve been friends with Elyse Taylor and Rachael Taylor for about eight years. I remember Miranda when she was still living in Sydney. It really is like working with a bunch of friends because we’ve all followed each other’s careers and watched each other grow up. It’s really exciting to catch up and congratulate everyone on how far we’ve come.

Can you spill any secrets about any events or celebrations for this important milestone?

Um, no… There are no secrets to tell. Well, not that I was told!

Have you thought about doing a fashion collaboration with your fiancé Phoebe down the road?

Yes, we’re actually going to do one. We’re starting a charitable clothing line called Scallywags and it’s going to be gender-neutral and androgynous with African-inspired prints. It’s already in production. We just ordered labels and we’ll be launching next month.

Congratulations on your new role in Orange Is the New Black! What are your biggest hopes, fears and expectations for this?

I don’t live in fear of anything. I hope that people enjoy it but it’s not really specific to me. I hope that everyone from Australia to America to Europe loves the whole season. It was always my favourite show before I started working on it so it honestly didn’t feel like work. It was a very life-changing experience.

You’ve been everywhere and done everything, from modelling to TV presenting to singing and even boxing. In all honesty, what has been the best?

Acting. Not that there isn’t substance to modelling. Modelling is a very difficult job. But with acting you get to really grow with a character and modelling is just for one day. The next day you move on. In acting you can really immerse yourself in a character and play that character for a year. I love that.

What people don’t realise about being famous is… that you never really switch off. There’s no downtime. Whether you’re having breakfast with your mum or buying cold and flu medication, you’re always a representation of yourself and your brand. You always have to expect that someone might want to take a photo or have a chat. It’s definitely not a nine-to-five job.

Most important item in your wardrobe?

Right now, my Chanel combat boots.

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

I see myself buying a house in LA and doing a lot more acting. I’ve already signed on for a few more roles. More acting, writing, producing and investing my money wisely because you never know when you’re not going to be working.

Would you rather taste pineapple forever or have one hand turn into pineapple?

Oh man, probably taste pineapple forever. I’m not really a pineapple fan but to have a hand as a pineapple? That’s going to be really inconvenient. How am I going to model? That would really affect my acting career. And I feel like I’d be accidentally hurting people all the time.


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