Kmart to reintroduce local sourcing


In a win for local farmers, Kmart Australia has announced it will permanently include Australian-grown cotton in its cotton-sourcing strategy.

The move comes after the retailer trialled locally-grown cotton in bedding and premium men’s T-shirts, and commissioned research into its customers’ buying habits. The research showed customers favour the quality and economic benefits of locally-sourced materials (surprise, surprise).

Kmart has been working with Cotton Australia for over 12 months, with CEO of Cotton Australia saying: “It’s great to be recognised by an iconic Australian brand like Kmart that will carry a premium range of quality cotton products accessible to all Australians.”

Cotton Australia reports that Australian cotton farms grow three times the world average yields. They have also reduced pesticide use by more than 90 per cent, and lead the world in water-use efficiency and ethical working conditions.

“We are proud to be collaborating with Cotton Australia and the industry,” said Kmart COO, John Gualtieri.

“Through our everyday low prices, we hope to make Australian cotton even more accessible to our customers.”’


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