Lingerie for men is now a thing thanks to HommeMystere

Because men want delicate lace lingerie in their lives too.

HommeMystere are onto something and that something is a range of lacy delicate lingerie for men.


So this has either gone one of two ways:

1. HommeMystere have tapped into an existing but unfilled market of men who are dying to get their hands on these lingerie pieces but just can’t find them anywhere.


2. HommeMystere are brilliant masterminds who have created a need that lots of men never thought existed and now dudes all over the world can’t stop thinking about curating a lingerie collection.

HommeMystere is an Australian lingerie company that launched in 2008 and have apparently received a huge surge in popularity since they opened their online store in March.

Brent and Lara Krause are the couple behind this clever idea. Brent was getting huffy because white cotton briefs are the only undergarments on the market and that would understandably get boring after a while.

They have a range of panties, g-strings, c-strings, boyshorts, bras, teddies, camisoles, garter belts, stockings and vests. It’s an expansive collection.

So far they’ve got customers in over 30 countries. Apparently more than 40 per cent are from the US but we’d be keen to hear more about those distribution figures.

They also describe their typical customer as male, married and over the age of 40. He’s got the moolah to splurge, has “discerning taste in underwear and wants luxury garments, but does not need to show it off to others.”

They’ve also got a pretty good policy regarding their delivery system. Think discreet packaging and shipping.

Oh and HommeMystere means “mystery man” in French.

I’ll say it again. Geniuses.


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