Lizzy Caplan designed a bow tie to support marriage equality

Time to channel your inner Janice Ian.

After rocking an amazing purple tux at Spring Fling a short decade ago, Mean Girls legend Lizzy Caplan has again upped her bow tie game.

The star has designed a bow tie for Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s LGBTQ rights organisation, Tie The Knot, which according to its website is “advocating for a more stylish and equal America.” Cool. 
Caplan’s design is based on a  pretty literal interpretation of a fox’s tail, with a tangerine colouring and cute, furry brush strokes.

On the partnership Caplan comments, “so many people I love happen to be gay… And I obviously think they should be afforded the right to stare disdainfully across the den at their partners, cooking up murder plots to collect their life insurance, same as straight couples.” 

Sold exclusively at The Tie Bar, $20 from every $25 tie purchase goes to Tie The Knot, who uses the money to fund an international public education campaign and help round up support for marriage equality.

With that power of a bowtie, now’s a better time than ever to channel your inner Janice Ian.

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