Nike just released its prettiest range yet

A bloomin’ beautiful new Air Max 1.

Coined by Nike as the “Bouquet of Max”, the Nike Air Max 1 Ultra has been given a bloomin’ beautiful new look.

The iconic silhouette has received the floral treatment, with a collection of six vibrant variants for women, with each inspired by the native flora of two different style capital. London, Milan, New York, Paris, Shanghai and Tokyo each feature as inspiration for the range – fitting, as each is also home to a passionate running population.

Here’s a little breakdown of each style:

New York + Paris
Both feature New York’s roses and Paris’s famed lilies in two different colourways.

London + Tokyo
London and Tokyo are represented by roses and cherry blossoms respectively for each style.

Milan + Shanghai
Milan’s lilies and Shanghai’s plum blossoms are delicately matched for both styles.


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