Louboutin hits the tub for SS15

These Louboutins really scrub up.

‘These boots were made for walking’ sure makes sense. But for bathing? Not so much. But Peter Lippmann’s shoot of the Christian Louboutin’s latest collection of candy-coloured kicks couples footwear with tub-time, and by the looks of it, a bit of bubble bath too.

Shoes inspired by various sources, including Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita, were shot in such an unlikely and intimate setting to show just how unwilling girls are to “take off their louboutins”. Whilst there’s no way would we even risk these babies in the rain, let alone a bath; Lippman sure got one thing right. Parting with shoes as hot as these, really would be ‘sweet sorrow’. Except not sweet. Just sorrow. 


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