Louis Vuitton has announced a huge new strategy to combat sales of counterfeit goods

The fight is just beginning.

Louis Vuitton is ramping up its mission to protect itself against counterfeit goods.

The designer label has teamed up with Alibaba Group – the parent company of online marketplace Taobao – in a mission to combat counterfeit sales. 

In January 2016, Louis Vuitton filed a lawsuit against Taobao claiming that three of its sellers were formally convicted of selling counterfeit goods.

It’s not the only lawsuit the Chinese company has faced, with Gucci, Saint Laurent and others suing Alibaba for trafficking in counterfeit goods in 2015.

Yesterday, Alibaba announced it would be forming a task group of 20 luxury brands (including LV and Swarovski), to combat the problem. Alibaba has agreed to share data and technological support, to help brands protect their intellectual property. In return, the designer labels will release their anticounterfeiting data to Alibaba.

The move has reportedly been encouraged by insiders for months. Chief platform governance officer of Alibaba Group told WWD

“The most powerful weapon against counterfeiting today is data and analytics, and the only way we can win this war is to unite.”


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