adidas has released the Tubular Shadow in baby sizes and omg


We might not be delighting you with videos of cats, bunnies or puppies, but trust us that this is equally awwwww-inducing content. 

Like the junior version of the YEEZY 350, adidas has shrunk its Tubular Shadow silhouette down to adorable infant sizes. 

Sure, the baby Tubular Shadow won’t set you back quite as much as the baby Yeezy’s, but at just under $100 it’s still a pricey shoe for minimal wear time.

The baby iteration provides the same lightweight comfort sole as the adult equivalent, though one shoe will probably spend most of its time on a supermarket floor.

Perhaps I’m just a little mopey at the fact that toddlers have better style than me. 

You can pick them up from retailers like BSTN for what, after conversion, works out to be around $96.59 AUD a pair. 


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