Marc Jacobs posts nude pic on Instagram and laughs it off

“Gonna be a(n extra) long day today…”

Oh Marc Jacobs. Not sure how you mixed up sending a nude pic in a private message with posting it on Instagram but hey, I guess it happens to the best of us (does it?).

Marc Jacobs accidentally posted a nude mirror selfie of his bodacious butt to his public Instagram account. 193k followers peeps. Caption? “It’s yours to try!”

It only took about 18 seconds for the screenshotters to save the image forever. Gawker have posted the full image on their website. Apparently the photo was meant to be a direct Instagram message.

Of course the photo was taken down immediately and Marc Jacobs later posted this tweet. At least he knows how to laugh it off and handle a crisis.

Ah Marc Jacobs. Keep doing you.


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