Marina Abramović and Givenchy are collaborating for NYFW

The performance artist and the fashion designer.

Performance artist, Marina Abramović, and Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci are pretty close buds. Close enough for Riccardo to describe Marina as his soulmate.

And now they’re collaborating for NYFW in September so that’s pretty darn exciting.

The pair have worked together before. Marina modelled alongside Kate Moss in a Givenchy campaign in 2012, and Riccardo designed the lace skeleton bodysuit costumes for the dancers in her revamped Bólero ballet in 2013.

Marina will become the art director for the Givenchy show at NYFW. It’s a bit of a change for the French house, who usually shows in Paris.

“It’s going to be very interesting,” Riccardo said of the collab, giving us basically no info to go off.

Given the intensity of Marina’s performance art and the intensity of their relationship, it’s probably going to be an intense show. Until September.


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