Me I Me has your staple jewellery covered

Statement staples.

Me-I-Me makes statement, staple jewellery. In case you were wondering, yes, that is definitely a thing.

The designer label by Heloise Fitzpatrick balances bold angular shapes with finer chains and stackable pieces.

Using sterling silver, oxidized metal and rose gold plating, Me-I-Me does luxury chic to perfection. Based in Western Australia, the brand began in 2014 and has already released two collections, Eagles & Triangles and the ME range.

Eagles and Triangles favours bold stacking rings and stud earrings, combining chunkier elements with minimal, flat faceted designs. Me extends to necklaces and bracelets, with a stronger presence of femininity. It features trio ring sets and engraved discs on finer and chunkier chains.


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