Meet new streetwear label GOOD CMPNY


There’s a new streetwear label capturing our hearts. GOOD CMPNY has just debuted with its first range of basic and limited edition print-screened sweaters. 

The sweaters come in a range of colours, from the standard onyx black to the cleverly named ‘Ron Burgandy’.

Not only focused on the garments, the label has a message of celebrating shared experiences with positive people, perpetuating notions of youth, culture, freedom and innovation.

So far on GOOD CMPNY’s a growing list of fans are the indie-pop band, Alpine, typographic artist Gemma O’Brien, and artist/producer Jack Vanzet.

Priced from $110 to $125, the sweaters are made using high quality fabrics and first class production techniques. There’s no skimping on durability.

The range is available to purchase online, with free shipping Australia-wide.


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