Merry Air Max Day!

In an Air Max Day miracle, the iconic shoe has been reborn into a brand new model.

In what is undoubtedly the Christmas for sneaker fans the world over, Air Max Day has arrived. And just as Christians celebrate their holy day with love, family and presents, Nike has welcomed its shoe-related equivalent with a retrospective on the iconic sneaker. 

People everywhere will be gathering with loved ones on this special day to discuss the air-cushioned sole and unparalleled design of the 28 year old footwear range. 

Launched in the 1987 with the Air Max 1, the line has seen countless stylistic and functional transformations. Though proving that our traditions still burn strong, the AM1 is still one of Nike’s most popular models.

Taking further heed from the birthday of Jesus, Nike has also announced a latest addition to its beloved family, the sneaker has been reborn this year in the form of the Air Max 2015. Returning to earth to renounce us of our fashion sins, the Air Max 2015 utilises Nike’s Flywire technology and deeper sole grooves to bring comfort and mobility never seen before.

Though in what may signal a troubling sign of the times, the Nike tick has been reversed, could it be… the anti-Air Max? 


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