MFW: Garage Runway – Womenswear

Ditching the traditional runway setting altogether.

Last night, MFW took to the carpark for its womenswear showcase as part of the Garage Runway.

Ditching the traditional runway setting altogether, designers instead opted for the Lord Mayor’s very own personal carpark. And it didn’t disappoint.

While it may not sound like an idyllic setting at first, labels Arnsdorf, Dress Up, Kalaurie, Kloke, Lois Hazel, Pageant and Verner set the mood for an impressive showcase.

Arnsdorf made its long-awaited return, also marking a comeback for gingham, while Pageant stole the show with its sports-inspired outerwear.

Makeup looks were simple and hair was plaited in low-key buns in a showcase that was feminine, creative, and inherently Melbourne.


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