MRP is opening its first Aussie store

Fashion is for everyone.

South African label MRP is set to open its first ever Australian store. And Melbourne, you’re the lucky ones.

MRP is sure to hit it off with the Melbourne crowd given that it’s South Africa’s most-recognised and coolest brand and Melbourne is, well, Melbourne.

With 1150 stores worldwide, MRP is a global fashion powerhouse. Their aim is simple, deliver the hottest fashion with outstanding value.

Fuelled by their passions and values, this is a brand that is set to have a big impact on the Melbourne city fashion landscape.

Being a brand from the Southern hemisphere also has its perks, as we’ll share the seasons. So no more being one step behind the rest.

It’s set to open October 22 this year, with the store taking up a whopping 1000 square metres of Melbourne Central. And it’s set to hold one hell of an opening party.

So if you feel like your wardrobe needs a bit of a freshen up, MRP has got your back.


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