MSFW recap: Emerging Designer Runway 1 and 2

The fash-pack favourite.

The Emerging Runways are always a favourite among the fash-pack, as we all play ‘I Spy’ to spot the next big thing.

It’s also because these kids are fearless. Minimalism is not something you’ll see on this runway. The creativity of these kids has not yet been tempered by the harsh reality of being commercially viable… or something like that. 

Runway 1 kicked off with the unbridled talent of RMIT’s Fashion and Textiles students. Between exaggerated shapes and vibrant colours, a certain undone-ness reigned. It was obvious in the raw hems, excessive layering and distressed fabrics that dominated. And it worked. The attention to detail and execution of these designs was exceptional.

In true Emerging Runway style, these kids played. Deborah Yann introduced slippers to the runway, while MeiMei Xu took boxiness to a literal level and made masking tape look chic. No, really. Connie Diamantopoulos was also a standout with her designs proving both modern and powerful yet incredibly streetworthy.

It was a hard act to follow yet the designers in Runway 2 put up a serious fight. Students from Whitehouse Institute of Design, Kangan Institute, Holmesglen Institute, Box Hill Institute and FashionMasters all showcased their work to an increasingly-inspired crowd. Pretty much every design element you can think of was taken to its limit, including house-made prints, caged silhouettes, woven leather and a rainbow of colour.

To sum it up in one word? Woah.


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