New shopping app, Brauz, has officially launched

Get Brauzing.

If you’re within reach of your phone, it’s time to download Brauz. 

The revolutionary app works to bring your online shopping and physical shopping together. It’s tricky to explain, but hear us out.

Brauz works a little like Netflix for shopping, as you browse through collections, follow brands and like products. This turns into a shopping feed tailored to your tastes, making it easier for you to discover a new brand or product you’ll love.  

Whether you’re scrolling through your feed on the couch or walking down the street, your entire shopping experience will be personalised by your size, style and preferences.

The app also gives retailers an instant personal connection with customers. They can send you a personalised deal or let you know about new products that fit your shopping profile. 

Basically, it’s good for the shopper and the retailer all at once.

Brauz already features brands like A.BCH, Brixton Pound and Lott Studio, fuelling your shopping addiction one click at a time.

You can start Brauzing here.


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