Pamela Anderson has gone high fashion

Where did the red one piece go?

Now, we don’t want to be one of those hoighty-toighty fashion websites who play the ‘you can’t sit here’ card when it comes to celebrities cracking the industry. Yes to Kanye West! Yes to Kendall Jenner! Remember when people were skeptical of a McCartney designing her own clothing line? Exactly. 

Of course Pammy isn’t gunning for her own fashion line, but a recent shoot in Palm Beach quarterly No Tofu indicates that she’s definitely more engaged than you may think.

Sporting peter pan collars and pencil skirts (not a bathing suit in sight!), Pamela takes on a whole new facet of pretty that perhaps we haven’t seen her be before. Either way she’s an undeniable icon, but we’re liking the American doll look.


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