Play it down. It’s time to make a powerful statement about not making one.

All natural everything seems to be having a pretty big moment as of late, from healthfoods to runways the ‘less is more’ mantra has started to ring true. 

It’s all about that undone and unkempt hair and unleashing that natural wave and kink. It’s time to scruff up not tidy up. But don’t go letting loose just yet, there is a fine balance to this look and trend. 

If your going to don carefree hair you need to ensure you makeup is dewy and fresh, nobody likes red splotches and bags under the eyes, especially when teamed with a messy lop on your head. And vice versa, if your going to style a more kempt (yet still messy) bun or ponytail don’t go all out on the makeup-but still ensure you have a nice natural coverage and use nude shades. Big brows are also a really important component to this trend. 

For fashion this barely there approach couldn’t be more important. It’s not about bold prints, colours or proportions, but quality, tonal shades and minimal lines. And this editorial proves it. 

Showcasing the minimal masters of Baserange, Article and Livia Arena, each look is put together and curated to perfection, yet still has an air of effortlessness. Indeed this trend isn’t about walking around in your undies (no matter how beautiful they may be) it’s about doing, desiring, and accumalting less-while looking totally killer. 

There is a definite ’90s influence to this trend, circa Kate Moss in nude sheer fabrics and long flowing locks. Silk slips, lingerie as outrwear and fresh faces are where this ones at, with your modern day muse being Abby Lee Kershew and Julia Nobis. 

It’s all about finding that natural more subtle you, and believe us that you will shine just as bright as if you were in your Saturday best.

Try tone it down, we dare you.

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