Patagonia just donated all of its $10 million Black Friday profits to environmental charities


Last week, Patagonia announced it would donate 100% of its Black Friday sale profits to grassroots environmental organisations.

Today, the ethically driven label announced just how much that was. TEN MILLION DOLLARS.

Considering the company was expecting something around the $2 million dollar mark, it’s a pretty big deal.

In a letter published on Patagonia’s website, Patagonia CEO, Rose Marcario, writes:

“The science is telling us loud and clear: We have a problem. By getting active in communities, we can raise our voices to defend policies and regulations that will protect wild places and wildlife, reduce carbon emissions, build a modern energy economy based on investment in renewables, and, most crucially, ensure the United States remains fully committed to the vital goals set forth in the Paris Agreement on climate change.”

It’s not the first time Patagonia has helped out the planet. Since 1985, the company has donated over $74 million to environmental organisations.

“These are small groups, often underfunded and under the radar, who work on the front lines. The support we can give is more important now than ever,” Marcario writes.


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