Puma created an ‘Equality Knot’ to support same sex marriage

Tie the knot.

When it comes to marriage equality, Puma votes yes.

The brand’s newest initiative #LetUsAllTieTheKnot shows support for marriage equality in Australia, in true sneaker fashion.

A dubbed ‘Equality Knot’ will allow people from all over the world to show their support, by simply tying their shoes a special way.

Puma has tapped Melbourne-based ‘knot expert’ Ian Fieggen to create a unique and recognisable knot for the #LetUsAllTieTheKnot campaign.

Instructional videos showcasing the knot has been uploaded to the brand’s new microsite, which was exclusively launched for the initiative.

Puma Oceania’s General Manager, Pancho Gutstein, describes the initiative as one “for equality. For love. For everyone. It is about supporting our people; whether that be our employees, our sportspeople or our consumers.”

It allows people to support the LGBTQI community by “creating a statement every single day until the laws change,” regardless of what brand they wear.

“At Puma, we stand up for individuality and being true to who you are. We welcome diversity in all forms.” says Gutstein.


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