The world’s first museum dedicated to dachshunds is here

Image via Hardie Grant Books
Words by Tara Smith

All hail the sausage.

If you’re having a bad day today, prepare for your morning to turn around.

A museum dedicated to the humble dachshund has opened in Germany, featuring over 4,500 objects in its honour.

Dackelmuseum, or the Dachshund Small Residence, celebrates the history of the sausage-shaped pupper with music, toys, cultural references and more.

You’ll find famous dachshunds and their owners (including Einstein and Picasso), handmade puppets and even canine-shaped bread.

The world-first museum is located in the Bavarian town of Passau, with a collection that took over 25 years to compile.

If you’d like to learn more about the elongated pooch, head here. Alternatively, check out our sausage dog book review here.

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