Selfies banned from Cannes Red Carpet

“You’re never as ugly as on a selfie.”

As selfie culture continues to saturate our everyday lives vis-à-vis the rise of the notorious selfie stick, wall selfie and even selfie shoes, someone has finally put their foot down.

Director of the Cannes film festival Theirry Fremaux has banned selfies on the red carpet, calling the practice “extremely ridiculous and grotesque.”

He says, “there’s a certain amount of time to get people across the red carpet and up the steps and it really slow things down if people stop every two meters to take a picture of themselves.”

Come to think of it, selfies-in-the-making really do look quite silly to everyone but the artists themselves.

Or as Festival president Pierre Lescure puts it, “you’re never as ugly as on a selfie.” Ouch. 

Via Grazia.

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