Maje wants you to take a selfies with your dog

Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley


Maje is combining two of the world’s favourite things for its Fall/Winter campaign: dogs and selfies.

Since billions of selfies are taken every year, Maje decided to have some fun with the phenomenon to capture its latest collection.

The faux selfies featured were actually captured by photographer Kristin Lee Moolman, adding an extra layer to the question of why we as a society love taking selfies – out of narcissism, or just to share our lives with the world?

Maje also threw in the only thing capable of upstaging a great outfit, a really cute dog.

Brand founder Judith Milgrom’s own furry friend Gyps is the real star of the campaign, alongside his pals Haiku, Magik and Haby. This is exactly the kind of posse we can get behind.

Check out the #MajeMyDogAndI campaign shots above.


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