Spotlight on: Graziela

A conscious approach to fashion.

The fashion industry is often met with criticisms about quick production, fleeting styles and disposable goods. 

Local label Graziela, promotes a conscious approach to fashion by connecting the customer and the product. 

Before a garment reaches a customer’s hand, Graziela oversees its ethical production in independently run ateliers in Denpasar, Bali.

The label also educates its customers on the care of their garments, ensuring each piece lasts and leaves a positive impact on the environment. 

Graziela’s latest collection offers a modern spin on fantasy romance. Inspired by the Parisian saying ‘l’amour n’est pas mort’ (love is not dead), the limited edition range combines powerfully feminine designs with a mix of textures and fabrics.

Tops feature exposed shoulders, voluminous silhouettes and ruffle details, while the entire collection is made from easy-to-wear fabrics for all-day comfort.


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