Spotlight on: Harlequin Belle

Label with a conscience.

Sure we’ve seen a few Aussie leather labels in our time, but nothing quite like this.

Self-described as ‘label with a conscience’, Harlequin Belle is committed to ethically producing leather bags and accessories in small runs. Cya later mass production.

To prove it, each piece has a unique leather label sewn in, displaying an individual production number to show just how limited it is.

Using only high quality, raw materials, Harlequin Belle’s offering spans bags, wallets, shoes and accessories. This includes a range of leather jewellery, too.

This label also deviates from the norm, producing bags in a huge range of colours, not just black. We’re talking blues, yellows, reds, browns and greys across its range of totes, backpacks, cross-body bags and wallets.

The result is a collection of limited-edition pieces you can wear for multiple seasons. They’re that good.

Plus, y’know, shipping is free to ANYWHERE. So there’s that too.


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