Spotlight on: Sarina Sonder

Ticking every single box.

When it comes to finding labels we love, there are a few items that need ticking off our checklist. One tick and it’s pretty good, but tick all of them and we’re straight-up obsessed.

Sarina Sonder is one of few brands that ticks every single one.

First of all, it’s ethically made in Australia. Big tick.

That also means it supports the Australian fashion industry, duh. Another tick.

Next, it donates to charity. Five per cent of every sale goes to CARE Australia – a charity fighting global poverty and empowering women to bring lasting change to their communities. Huge tick.

And of course, we love the clothes.

The label makes beautiful contemporary womenswear, from merino panel dresses to wrap skirts and matching printed sets. It uses only high-quality fabrics with minimal impact on the environment, which you can read all about here.

The range is affordably priced too, which just about does it for us.

You can check it all out for yourself here.


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