Style Vibes: Lauren Bacall

RIP Lauren Bacall.

Lauren Bacall was a legend.

Born Betty Joan Perske, the American actress became known for her husky voice and sultry gaze, getting her start in the Humphrey Bogart filmTo Have and Have Not and later making her name is film noir flicks The Big Sleep, Dark Passage, and Key Largo, as well as comedies How To Marry a Millionaire with Marilyn Monroe and Designing Woman with Gregory Peck. Bacall also worked on Broadway musicals, winning Tony Awards for Applause and Woman of the Year. Her performance in The Mirror Has Two Faces also earned her a Golden Globe Award and an Oscar nomination.

She was the only actress able to go head-to-head with old Bogart, which is probably why they ended up married in the 1940s.

We thought we’d compile a collection of her best fashion moments to celebrate the film legend’s long and fabulous life. She really was a sassy broad, huh?

RIP Lauren Bacall.

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