The Fashion Spot has released the findings from its Fall 2017 Diversity Report

Slowly improving.

While slowly improving, diversity in the fashion industry still has a long way to go.

Each season, online fashion forum ‘The Fashion Spot’ releases a report on the representation of minority groups and the current state of diversity.

It examines fashion print campaigns and runways from New York, London, Milan and Paris, calling out designers who don’t respond to industry-wide calls for inclusivity.

The online forum has just released its findings for this season, and for the first time ever, print ad campaigns were more inclusive than runways.

In Fall 2017, the number of ‘non-white’ models in print ad campaigns came in at 30.4 per cent. This is a pretty significant jump from Spring (24.5 per cent), and also beats the runway’s 27.9 per cent.

This season also saw a record 26 plus-sized models walking the runways in New York. However, plus-size models only accounted for 2.2 per cent of castings in print advertising. That’s a 0.1 per cent dip from Spring.

In terms of transgender models, it’s still an uphill battle. As in previous seasons, transgender models were the least represented group. Still, Fall 2017 was the most transgender-inclusive ad season examined, with 6 trans models getting a gig in print ads. In previous seasons, this number was five, and before that, zero.

The report also goes into detail on the most diverse designer brands for Fall, which you can read about here.


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