The FJ Guide to: Attending your first fashion show

A list of do’s and don’ts.

The fash crowd can be pretty intimidating. Take it from a gal that only went to her first fashion show last year.

But if you have a love of fashion, don’t let the intimidation factor stop you from heading out the runway. Contrary to popular belief, majority of fashion weeks around Australia are open to the public. Even though you’re not a blogger, trust us when we say you belong there too. They’re also a bunch of fun.

So here’s a list of what I wish I knew before hitting up the front row of my first show.

Do: Wear local designers. Fashion Week is all about supporting local and upcoming labels.

Don’t: Stress about what you look like. There will always be someone who looks better, but just remember, they probably don’t own the clothes they’re wearing. 

Do: Charge your phone. Especially if you love to ’gram. Runway pics get all the likes. 

Don’t: Spend the entire show on your phone. Nowadays the crowd seems to watch the show through their iPhone screens, as they work to make sure errybody knows what they’re up to (read: check-ins and location tags). Stay in the moment, enjoy it. They’ll be plenty of ways to re-live it after, this is the digital-age people.

Do: Introduce yourself to people. If you are here for more than just the runway and want to break into the industry, networking is key.

Don’t: Sift through your gift bag while still at the show. That’s a big no-no among the fash pack and God forbid you’ll look like you’re new to this experience. Wait until you get home and so that you can get riiiight into it. It’s way more fun that way and means you can #flatlay. 

Do: Volunteer. The perfect way to make contacts, get work experience and take it all in from a new angle.

Don’t: block people’s view. It may seem obvious, but apparently wearing a hat still seems like a good idea for some.

Do: Sip back on some champagne. Few things will make you feel more flash than champagne at a fashion show.

Do: Enjoy yourself. Fashion week is all about celebrating difference, creativity and individualism. Take it all in, get inspired, enjoy it.


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