The Karl Daily: Karl Lagerfeld launches newspaper

Who said print is dead?

In the dying industry that is print news, who better to launch a newspaper than fashion kingpin Karl Lagerfeld? The perma-serious, white-maned man announced the impending arrival of his satirical newspaper earlier this month, with copies distributed around major European cities and online across the weekend.

Aptly entitled The Karl Daily, the paper condenses Lagerfeld’s eponymous empire into an easy to read broadsheet format, complete with horoscope, weather forecast and ‘krossword’. It’s a little bit ridiculous (see Dear Choupette), very narcissistic (see Not From This Earth: Karl Lagerfeld, the Superhero) and like all things Karl touches, incredibly chic.

Arguably little more than a well-executed catalogue, The Karl Daily nonetheless lives up to its hype. Sadly print copies aren’t available down under (boo), but you can critically peruse and download the first volume online.

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