The Rat Pack: We chat to AFL player Dane Swan about his new line, Ratbagg Clothing

A peek behind the scenes of Ratbagg.

If you haven’t already heard, Ratbagg clothing is bringing the football world and the fashion world together. Created by successful Aussie Rules football player Dane Swan, Ratbagg aims to create clothing for anyone who enjoys a bit of mischief.

We chatted to the man behind the brand to find out a little bit more about what it means to wear Ratbagg.

Have you always been interested in fashion?
I can’t really remember whether or not I was when growing up. I guess I started taking a bigger interest in my early ’20s.

Why did you decide to launch a fashion label?
Why not? I have a keen interest in fashion. I guess at worst, if no one likes the stuff I’ll have a shitload of free clothes for myself.

Why the name Ratbagg?
I’ve been called a lot of things over the years, but the most popular seems to be Ratbagg. It seemed like it was a good fit when deciding on a name. Both my business partners were all over it when I suggested it.

How do you feel about man buns and Ned Kelly beards?
Man buns are meh, but super popular at the minute. Not sure they are for me though. I’m in the process of getting myself a beard, so I can’t hate on that look.

What’s your best “Ratbagg” story?
Ahh well, I’m still contracted to the Pies, so my Ratbagg stories will stay in the vault. I like my profession. Maybe I’ll write a book some day…

Describe the Ratpack to us. What does it mean?
A select group of mates that have passed all the outrageous tests to become honorary members, we’re larrikins at heart.

Who do you envision wearing your clothing and what would they be doing in it?
Well I think there is a little Ratbagg in everyone, so there is no reason why it can’t be worn by anyone. I like to think we cater for most types. It would prevent them from cutting around naked for a start, and then just go out carrying on with the boys or getting up to no good.

Describe your personal style in three words.
Slim, long and neutral.

Thoughts on a Ratbagg kids line?
At the moment we are focused on our men’s line, but you never know. Watch this space, kids, women, pets…

Can you ever see your fashion and football interests aligning in future?
Unless the Pies let me design our training kits or playing jumpers I don’t think so. Football has certainly given me the platform and ability to appreciate and enjoy the fashion journey.

Ratbagg is offering 20% off exclusively for Fashion Journal readers. Use the code ‘FJRATBAGG’ at the checkout.


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