The Simpsons gets a streetwear makeover

See Flanders repping Yeezy and Bart looking steez.

Aside from occasional wardrobe changes for Church and a fleeting period at the Country Club, The Simpsons rarely veer from their daily uniform. Lisa is instantly recognisable by her orange dress, Homer, his blue pants and Marge, those oddly coloured pearls. (But seriously, what’s with those?) 

So with interest piqued, artist Tommy Bates decided to give our favourite yellow characters a streetwear update. He’s got Flanders repping Yeezy alongside Bart looking steez in Supreme, nailing details like Comic Book Guy’s protruding pot belly and Moe’s hairy legs.

Bates’ skill seems to parallel that of Groening himself, only with a much cooler edge that Bart would no doubt approve of. No offence Matt. 

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